Map IT with Bing Maps

BING Maps offer loads of features so that businesses and organizations can achieve their goals for presenting locations.

Several of these features are displayed on the map at right, including:

  1. Creating a map whose center is Louisville, Ky.
  2. Adding specific locations that show some of Louisville's attractions or areas
  3. The inclusion of a polygon to demarcate the area covered by the five locations
  4. "Bing theme" pushpins with infoboxes to identify the locations and give a title and description, and
  5. An initial "zoom" setting of 10 so that the Louisville, Ky. area is in view from the page load

Click twice on a pushpin or use the magnifier to zoom in. The BirdsEye View shows buildings and topical features.

Where is No. 1?

The No. 1 pushpin is below No. 2, but will be visible at higher magnification. It identifies a restaurant located at Bowman Field, Le Relais, and demonstrates how the clustering of pushpins is easily handled by your browser. This is needed by some sites. It is also possible to "cluster" many locations that are very close in proximity within a single pushpin whose infobox lists the separate places, or to use small pins, or to offset those that overlap.

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