Map IT with Bing Maps

BING Maps offer loads of features so that businesses and organizations can achieve their goals for presenting locations.

Several of these features are displayed on the map at right, including:

  1. Creating a map whose center is Louisville, Ky.
  2. Adding specific locations that show some of Louisville's attractions or areas, some not far from DAY Communications
  3. An initial "zoom" setting of 10 so that the Louisville, Ky. area is in view from the page load

The numeral 2 on two of the location markers indicates there are two places, one under the other. Clicking on the marker will zoom you to a larger view and then you can click on either marker to find out what is there. The Aerial View shows buildings and topical features. Try the Street View too.


It is also possible to "cluster" many locations that are very close in proximity within a single pushpin whose infobox lists the separate places, or to use small pins, or to offset those that overlap. When you click on a marker and cannot read the infobox content, either drag left or right, or click on the "minus" sign at top and the full infobox information will come into view.

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