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BIG software mistake

"Since publication of Imperial’s microsimulation model, those of us with a professional and personal interest in software development have studied the code on which policymakers based their fateful decision to mothball our multi-trillion pound economy and plunge millions of people into poverty and hardship," Richards and Boudnik wrote.

"And we were profoundly disturbed at what we discovered."

They found the model "to be totally unreliable."

The authors noted that when other scientists tried to replicate the findings using the same model, they failed.

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Listen up, young ones

Valuable information for Gen Y and Z:

There are amazing benefits from listening to Heavy Metal. Baby Boomers have a message for you.

When Baby Boomers were Gen Y or Z’s age, we were worried about getting fooled by the state. But today, meet the new boss: Bernie Socialism Sanders…and others

Ever heard the term ‘forced collectivization’? Yes, socialists run for office in some countries, but when they are elected, the democracy veers into authoritarianism and dictatorship. Don’t like that? Too bad.

Mao killed 60+ million; Stalin, 20-60 million, no one knows ; Castro, 30,000+, but his was a very small country.