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Falk Audio website view

Falk Audio

Great appreciation to Anne Yeiser for her patience and thoughtful approach to my website which contains many facets that needed to be “woven” into a central focus. This website reflects where I am today and (hopefully) does so with an eye to the future as I approach this next chapter of my life. Thanks, Anne, for a job well done.

Gary Falk, Owner, Falk Audio

Wolf Mountaineers POA (DAY served WM for 20+ years)

Wolf Mountain's property owners are from all over the country, with some year-round residents and others visiting at various times. Keeping them all up to date can be a challenge. Our website and blog by Day Communications help us perform that task and they work very well. We recommend Day Communications for website work.

Harry Micka, Former POA Manager

Wolf Mountaineers

Pedro's Angus

Pedro's Angus

Dear Ms. Yeiser: Thank you for the excellent work on the ad that you recently designed for the Kentucky Cattlemen’s “Cow Country” magazine. You produced the ad in a very timely manner. We have received several responses from new customers after just one ad. So we believe the ad was a real success. And we hope to work with you in the future to improve our advertising. The ad was very different from the other ads in the magazine, so we think it caught more attention. We believe that is a good reflection upon our farm’s vision, which is different from many other seedstock operations.

William T. Roe

The History Link (DAY served Master of Ceremonies for 20+ years; owner retired)

Dear Anne, Your dedication to quality has enhanced the image of The History Link through our new website... THANK YOU tremendously! Your technical knowledge of developing a state-of-the-art website was obvious as you applied many unique options, plus in the total finished product. Your sense of creativity is also apparent from page to page; you even enhanced our corporate logo. Your professionalism was appreciated throughout the project, through thorough communication, consistently, and expert advice.The website you created several years ago for Master of Ceremonies is still getting a “WOW” response from our potential clients. That is why we only considered Day Communications to produce this new website. As today’s clients are searching the website for such event marketing services first, we have to engage them in that first impression. The History Link website will do just that, again THANKS TO YOU! I heartily recommend DAY Communications to anyone seeking not only website creation and development services, but any areas of your expertise. Most sincerely,

Linda Surbeck, CSEP, CEO, Master of Ceremonies and the History Link

the History Link site
CEC website

Christian Educational Consortium (DAY served CEC for 18+ years)

Anne Yeiser completely redesigned and continues to update the CEC website to keep our school relevant with continual changes affecting online user experience. Anne always communicates quickly and rapidly updates changes for needs such as closing classes as students enroll. Her web design and customer service would be an asset to any business.

Beverly Clark, Director