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From Words to Websites

DAY Communications LLC started up in the 1980s offering copywriting, graphic design and ads for print and media needs. In the 1990s DAY began assisting customers with web design. By the mid-2000s the focus turned to website functionality. Over the years we've assisted manufacturing, retail, professional, healthcare and service companies including many nonprofits with a variety of projects. Nonprofits are an area of strength.

Our service mark, "Design & Function for Web & Print," describes our goal and mission in serving customers. A print project should be functional in building a company's image and for readability and memorability. A web project is different only in that it can require a great deal more functionality of a technical nature.

Included in the Gallery are some collage images created for self promotion or for customers. 'Eye candy' is a key to any project's success. We work hard to differentiate print and web projects through creative concepts and good design.

Categories and aspects of how we can assist you are listed in the Services/Website Services dropdown menu. Click to the topic for an example of the feature.

DAY Communications LLC

  • Web: Websites are versatile by nature. Easy to change; simple to link to or from. Pages go forward, backward, up and down. Loads of uses or applications. Or, not. Consult with us for up-to-date concepts on website functionality.
  • Print: We craft ads to be versatile. Start with a small text ad. We’ll call it a Service Mark. Add it to your logo. Then make it a headline. Invent a jingle with it. Put it on a T-shirt. Shout it from a billboard. And that’s just a start.
  • DAY: Helping you communicate with your audience in versatile ways. A Louisville, Ky., USA, small business. Microsoft web technology specialization, Code Louisville Student. Our versatile services are delivered with friendly customer service for your communications needs. Call toDAY, 502.458.5865!