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Support for Small Business and Developers

DAY Communications serves small business people and developers, and both groups are looking for a bargain AND fast functionality.

Our goal is to do an outstanding job to truly help your business and to secure your loyalty.

The .Net Platform and Visual Studio allow us to create your ideal web or mobile site, or to fulfill application development support needs. is Microsoft's free framework for creating websites and applications that work for any user on any browser, worldwide. Using Microsoft Visual Studio, sites can be developed with foreign language support, so your customers in other lands will view and read your website in their language.

More than five million developers use the .NET framework everyday, so any small business that selects DAY Communications to create its web presence gets a scalable and extensible site by virtue of its set up in Visual Studio and

Visual Studio provides productivity features that help us to organize your message and data in useful ways, allowing you and your staff to enter and update content and data.

For small businesses we can provide the web experience you thought was only affordable for big business. Perhaps you have seen features and functions you would like to have on your site. Consult with us for insights on how the web can help your business.

For developers, we can do the leg work that lets you confidently present a finished app in less time, with more polish.

A Stack that Works

  • There are MANY aspects of a website hidden from view. Your website needs to make appropriate use of both server and browser technologies, to conserve bandwidth. The framework simplifies this. Core 5 is also known as .Net 5.
  • Microsoft: Offers a lot of free software and tools, many that integrate with their popular Office software. Windows servers handle all database software and PHP offerings such as MySQL, WordPress, and other popular applications and languages.
  • Open Source: There are many “open source” software programs for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was first to comply fully with W3C (WorldwideWeb consortium) standards.
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